Your comfort is first felt in your dreams that we take care of, so resting at Hotel Boutique 1850 ® Guanajuato.

A distinctive detail that will assure maximum relaxation.

This innovative service enables you to select from the menu below, at no cost the pillow of your choice and enjoy a restful night at the Hotel Boutique 1850 ®

SOFT POLYESTER MICRO FIBER. Soft pillow hypoallergenic and anti mites, soft to the touch and comfortable for individuals who like to relax with a soft pillow avoiding any kind of allergies.
POLYESTER FIBER MICRO SIGN. Firm pillow hypoallergenic and anti mite firm support for those who like to resting with a higher neck support.
GOOSE DOWN. Pillow Soft, comfortable to the touch, easy accommodation for head and neck, with the drawback that may cause allergic reactions, respiratory symptoms, a high percentage of its users.


MEMORY FOAM PILLOW. The viscoelastic foam, also known as memory foam is a polyurethane foam. It's basically like a foam, but that some chemicals used in their manufacture are a little different and manage the property be used "memory" that has this material. This foam behaves differently depending on the temperature to which it is. When cold, is harder and when hot becomes softer. This foam is adapted to the shape of the body, dissipating pressure very good, which causes to be used for various medical applications and rest.
CERVICAL PILLOW MEMORY FOAM. It is a short pillow visco elastic concave and projections on its surface that tends to go for people with cervical problems, and that fits perfectly to the shape of neck and head, thus maintaining the ideal position for a restful sleep without cervical discomfort.


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